Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Learn, Develop, Package and Ship!

After more than 6 years writing code that would anyway end up  in a mobile phone, I finally wrote one that people can opt out :-)

I am in pretty busy stage of my life trying to finish my Master before the end of the year. But I found a couple of hours to learn something about AndEgine. It is a Game Engine for Android. that I learned about in the StackOverflow site. You certainly should give it a try. It makes the thing pretty easy.

So I tried to implement something simple and silly: the classical bouncing ball example. I used the Physical Extension of AndEngine to make the ball react to shaking and gravity. The physics are not perfect : how can it be if you are using 2D vectors for a 3D world? Here is the result:

And then I thought: "Why not turning this knowledge I've just acquired into a product?". So I put this lovely Live Wallpaper  in the Google Play. Click on the badge bellow to get it :

Android app on Google Play

Some stats from the first week:

  • 35 installs
  • 20 of them are active
  • Users from US, Italy, Spain, Egypt, India, Chile, Panamá, Croatia. 
  • Mostly Android 2.3
Those numbers give some insights to those wondering whether to enter or no in the mobile market.  The app is simple, I haven't done any announcement about it so far, and yet it got pretty decent download numbers. Of course, it's a free app, so people are more willing to download it.  

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